Love, Mutualism and Barreleye Tess

I made the man watch Blue Planet The Deep the other night (my all time FAVORITE) and we kept joking that Tessa looked like the barreleye fish.  She kind of really does, but then again, I think Tessa looks like everyone and everything.

courtesy google images

courtesy google image

Do you see the resemblance? 

How about now? Man, I'd be terrified of seeing this thing if it existed.  Poor Tessa.  Oh perhaps poor barreleye fish.  

Tessa totally spooned me yesterday and yes, she was the big spoon. 

Please notice the arm around me. My baby baby.

In the midst of cleaning the apartment, getting ready for the Outer Banks, and inhaling WAY too many cleaning chemicals, my creative juices forced me (yes, forced) to do another stop motion animation (perhaps another half-assed one).  This is an ode to love, loneliness, and mutualism: symbiosis that is beneficial to both organisms involved.  Perhaps my fail at the first garden plays a role in this creation.  And I mean, come on, outdoor plant that cannot grow meets indoor plant, falls in love, and grows -- what's better than that?!?

Okay, off to Outer Banks for a week.  Lots of things to come when I get back.  Don't miss me too much people.