Happy Friday/Happy Weekend

Well another week has passed here in Charlottesville and I am thrilled that I sold my painting right after I posted it! I guess people can tell when you actually did work you're excited about doing.  I cannot wait to continue the series - expect at least one more (but hopefully two) next week.  

We officially go on the hot air balloon ride tomorrow. Hell yes. I got all my cameras ready to go :)


Some inspiration for such a lovely (and hot hot hot Friday):

All above images via www.pinterest.com

So today is Friday, which obviously means stop motion animation time, but because I am not overly thrilled with this one, let me share some other things first.  Since becoming addicted to pinterest, I'm bombarded with wonderful pictures all day long. So here are just a few of the wonderful images I've been pinning away.  

First up, places I'd most definitely love to bathe/swim. 

All above images via www.pinterest.com

Next up, places I'd love to nap (if I was actually good at napping and didn't wake up worse off than before hand)

All above images via www.pinterest.com

Okay, last up, bookshelves I am envious of:

All above images via www.pinterest.com

Aren't they beautiful? I always loved Beauty and the Beast when I was younger and I remember always being amazed by Belle in the library.  Floating around on that ladder.  Ahh, looked so heavenly.

Okay, time for the stop motion animation.  When something takes a ridiculously long time and doesn't look like it, I call that a failure.  Or perhaps that's flawless? Either way, I am not a fan, but most of creating is actually doing and sharing, so here it is.  Somewhat inspired by Heidi Lender's photography and the notion of other tedious things getting done while artists immerse themselves in their work.  Hope you enjoy.

Have a good weekend everyone! Time for me to bake some delicious and lovely looking cupcakes for a party tomorrow.