Another Weekend :)

I am currently at Starbucks in Lynchburg while my man takes his licensing test and it has been noted that I must edit my blog, so now, with stinging eyes, I apologize for all the typos.  Oh and one would think after all those years with Aunt Bonnie that I would know to edit, but I tried to get away with it, so my apologies people.  From now on, I will look over things.  

So from Lynchburg, I update you on the happenings of my life. I am very sad and lonely with out cameras in my life (none of them seem to miraculously be healing themselves), so here is something to attempt to brighten up the day:

And here is the next camera I am going to purchase (sometime when I actually make money - about twenty more paintings to sell until then) as my point and shoot.  Anyone have it? Reviews please.  Acting as my vision board - I want you:

Canon Powershot 100 HS Digital Elph Camera

Some lovely findings of the past few days:


(left) Navid Baraty "Sheet Music"  (right) Bryan Warakom (photo of flowers exploding - sweet!)


(left) -Top- -Bottom-


As for my own work - I'm starting a new silly drawing/doodle/sketching/print series.  I was telling Anthony a story the other day from my childhood that stemmed it.  When we first moved to the house that I grew up in, I was playing outside with my brother and our one neighbor.  I was around 8 years old and lost track of the mischievous boys for a few minutes. I looked around the property for them when I stopped in my tracks - in my mind I saw the two of them hiding under cardboard boxes holding up antlers pretending to be a deer.  I walked confidently towards them screaming, "I see you guys" until I got close enough to realize it was indeed a deer - a quite large deer - grazing in the backyard.  Here's the first sketch of the series.  I'm thinking it's going to be called, "Yes, I'm real (Deer)."  And yes, it's suppose to be humorous.  I still am unsure how I ever thought it was actually my brother and our neighbor hiding under boxes...I guess that's my imagination for you. 

Okay, so later this afternoon will be a stop motion animation (still working on the audio for it) and this week it is special because it is for the 

Create More Birthdays Contest and Sweepstakes

. Stay tuned people.