Just A Girl Holding Flowers (13)

I am a planner in every sense.  But time and time again, life has proven to me that the second you have a solid, concrete plan, well, it falls apart because of circumstances outside of your control.  And I am beginning to realize that's okay.  Because sometimes things you never thought would happen do happen and sometimes things you know are certain never actually happen.  Yes that can be great and yes that can be terrible, but hey, at least it keeps things interesting.  And here I am, still a planner regardless - it's in my blood.  Things I was so certain would go together absolutely don't.  But the beauty? The unexpected things I never imagined going together and they absolutely do, like two perfect, beautiful puzzle pieces.

Here's to perfect matches.  Just like a girl holding flowers.  Happy Monday all! And don't forget the SUMMERSALE20 ends tonight in my shop!

Just A Girl Holding Flowers (12)

I was never really a big fan of purple, although my childhood room was indeed covered in lavender.  I do, however, seem to dig purple flowers.  And paired with the perfect bright pink and the absolute best combination of turquoise and mint green jeans, well that leaves me one happy girl.  Just a happy girl holding flowers. And there's not much else I could ask for.

Just A Girl Holding Flowers (11)

I had an extremely productive week last week full of inspiration, excitement, and lots and lots of hard work. It feels good to feel good, you know what I mean? And holding flowers always makes me feel good. And getting to display them around my house and in my studio afterwards - well, that's just perfection.

Here's to hoping for a week just like last! Happy Monday folks!

Just A Girl Holding Flowers (8)

The past few weeks have been chaotic to say the least.  Just when you think you've learned the magical balance of, well, balance, your equilibrium gets smacked right in the face and from all angles.  Oh life, you certainly keep things interesting.

Here's to hoping for the day to day routine to be normal and boring.  Because sometimes (most times) normal and boring can be beautiful and brilliant. 

Just A Girl Hodling Flowers (4)

We try to not let the imperfections get to us.  We try to embrace the things we love and ignore the things we hate.  We try to see the best in ourselves and in other people.  But sometimes - sometimes the little things just get to you.  I may be just a girl holding flowers, but I am currently a girl holding flowers who ALWAYS finds it irritating when my little whispies won't make it to my bun.  Oh the drama of a Monday. 

22//52//2015 - Just A Girl Holding Flowers

I don't want to necessarily use the word quit because the series/project is continuing, but it's different - very different. I was feeling uninspired by the last few images.  The space got seriously overgrown.  The stump keeps diminishing every week.  And I don't know if you know this, but there are serious concerns with outdoor photo-shoots.  Ticks. Poison Ivy. Spider webs to the face when you least expect it (as in - mouth open).  Neighborhood kids not knowing whether to wave or run away when they see you climbing into the woods, yet again, with your giant tripod. 

If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have seen my new board Girls Holding Flowers.  Holy inspiration - such a beautiful images.  So here I am, nearly half way through the year, embarking on a new weekly challenge.  Who knows, maybe this one will start this week and end a year from now.  Maybe I'll be over it in a week.  Maybe it will end with the start of 2016. All I know is I'm just a girl holding flowers.