Just A Girl And Her Inspiration - October 2015

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Well I suppose I can't fight fall much longer because it is October tomorrow.  I tend to be in love with anything rust colored and mustard yellow colored, so the fall should suit me, but I kind of have a love/hate relationship with sweaters.  I love them.  A lot.  Especially like ALL OF THE ONES ABOVE.  But I tend to love them on other people.  And then I put them on and it's all eh. But every once in awhile, I try on the most perfect sweater/cardigan and it is love at first wear.  The only problem is that once that happens, it is only a matter of minutes/hours/days/weeks until the dogs inevitable ruin the knitted perfection.

Like I said, I have a love/hate relationship with sweaters and it appears that perhaps that same relationship exists with fall.  Oh well, Happy (almost) October!

PS I am still swooning over this Pretty Loves from last fall!